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History in the Making is a collection consisting in literary works augmented with animations, audio and graphic illustrations, and will be published on a monthly basis. Each episode will provide about 2 hours of “reading” experience.


Every issue of this collection is made of two parts. One is a purely historical discussion with documents (animated maps, reconstitutions of speeches, iconographies, typical musical ambiences…), whose storyline serves as a contextual documentary. The other part is a fictional story, whose narrative arc is the story of two western families over centuries. The chronological construction of the fate of these families will reflect the historical period that will have been presented in the first part, so as to create a strong and obvious connection between this story and History.
The purpose of this series is to combine the need for historical facts presented with modern technologies and the pleasure of delving into a fictional saga that will take the readers all along the destiny of two families. Whereas the fiction part is intertwined with historical facts, the historical part is meant to summarize the key facts needed to understand the substance of the period.
Issue after issue, important evolutions of these two families are unravelled and shown in the light of broader events, contextualizing stories and personifying History.


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