292 sisters

Sisters is a collection composed mainly of spoken texts augmented with graphic and musical illustrations. This collection will be issued on a bi-monthly basis and each episode will propose a 30 minutes “reading” experience.





This is the story of Julie, a recently graduated young legal analyst who enters a professional and international environment by joining a prestigious pharmaceutical company: the MediCorp International. The audience will follow her becoming a woman through the letters, e-mails and other messages she sends to her two “sisters”: her younger sister who leads a more adventurous life and her childhood best friend who has committed herself to spiritual life. In this decisive period of her life, she will radically redefine notions that used to seem simple, such as freedom, loyalty and – of course – love.
Ever since she was a teenager, Julie has waited to finally be an independent woman. Her new job is an opportunity to make her dreams come true and to cut the ties with every symbol of her childhood. As a modern young woman, Julie feels the need to be in control of every aspect of her life: work, friendship, and love. We follow Julie as she attempts to achieve her goal and realizes that independence and happiness don’t necessarily come together, and that modern women’s lives are made of hard choices.


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