292 thy shall be death, o my son

Thy shall be Death, O my Son is a collection that aims at telling stories in a radically new manner, by intertwining several dominant media inside every episode. Each episode of the collection will be published every two weeks, and will each provide for about 1 hour of “reading” experience.



This collection will take the form of several documents which will be presented sequentially: a video document will be followed by an audio-synchronized text document, followed by an audio-commented visual document… As the consultation of these documents goes by, a storyline emerges. The narrative construction is based on science fiction and humor, and takes place in the future: the reader discovers that the entire existence is run by a very bureaucratic administration: the Kosmos. The concepts that predominate the evolution of the world are characterized (Life, Death, Joy, Greed, Love, Treason…) and are part of this bureaucracy. At the Kosmos University, the children of these government workers learn the essential principles of their future functions that will consist in ruling the universe. The hero of this collection is the son of Death, who discovers that his father’s activities extend far beyond his original assignment…
Infiltrating the data hub of the almighty Kosmos, we have access to numerous surprising documents regarding the universal administration, that show us what it’s really like to live at the ultimate level of power. Focusing on the Son of Death – a peaceful teenager – and his friends in the University of Kosmos, we discover with him a plot of planetary scale that seems to involve the acting Death and a mysterious yet powerful foe: Khaos.


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