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292 dream provider


Truly digital books have yet to come. Digital copies of print bestsellers herald the emergence of a new kind of book whose contents will be specifically designed for digital technologies.

Exploring new methods of storytelling and fostering multidisciplinary talents, 292 gives birth to the books of the 3rd Millennium: the NewBooks.

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The massive adoption of mobile information technologies triggers the emergence of a new generation of readers who are developing new habits and new practices in their contents consumption.

292 devised tools and methods to generate the adequate offer of contents required to attract this new audience and secure its loyalty.

In every way, the works of 292 derive from values of quality, innovation and respect. Our offer of exciting and groundbreaking NewBooks is designed for all types of readers and consists in works of two kinds: collections and one-shots.

Our collections are designed to ensure the sustainable interest of a large number of users, while our one-shots allow us to experiment and remain close to an ever-changing audience.


Shadow Puppets is a prototype NewBook made by 292.
A short story allowing for an approximately ten minutes reading experience, it constitutes a glance at the book of the 3rd Millennium.
The story is about Jack, whose existence was regulated and simple, until one fateful night he discovered nothing was really what it seemed.

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292 civilized

This is the story of six civilizations which have evolved independently from each other for several millennia on six different worlds. The story takes place right after the first encounters of these six civilizations on a seventh world, which will provoke diplomatic tensions, wars and social developments from which key characters will emerge.

292 sisters

The entire existence is run by a very bureaucratic administration: the Kosmos. At the Kosmos University, the children of government workers learn the essential principles of their future functions that will consist in ruling the universe. The hero of this collection is the son of Death, who discovers that his father’s activities extend far beyond his original assignment…

292 assassin's aesthaetics

This is the story of Julie, a recently graduated young legal analyst who enters a professional and international environment by joining a prestigious company. Interacting with her younger sister and her childhood best friend, she will radically redefine notions that used to seem simple such as freedom, loyalty and – of course – love.

292 pills

This collection takes place in a lunatic asylum, where rather nice inmates share their satiric and absurd thoughts about the daily news, as their respective syndromes alter their understanding of the news reported by the international press. They offer a funny and different perspective on current events.

292 history

Based on the intrusion of the fantasy genre into a realistic world, the story takes place in Paris during the nineties and sees a man detaching himself from his human nature, thereby becoming a decisive agent in the struggle between Good and Evil, between God and Lucifer.

292 thy shall be death, o my son

A contextual documentary on historical periods gives way to the fictional story of two western families over centuries. The chronological construction of the fate of these families will reflect the historical period that will have been presented in the first part, so as to create a strong and obvious connection between this story and History.



292 Romain Mobillion Arthur Mobillion Jonathan Mobillion Raphael Mobillion

The founding team is composed of four siblings in their late 20s and early 30s. They have varied backgrounds and a common interest in the entertainment industries.

After a few years of professional experience as counsels and entrepreneurs, they decided to quit their professional occupations to join forces and embark on this common venture.

Arthur Mobillion

Arthur Mobillion
Arthur gained experience as a legal counsel for music publishing companies (BMG, Peermusic) and for collective rights management companies (SACEM). Arthur holds a Master degree in Private Law from the University Of Versailles, France.

Romain Mobillion

Romain Mobillion

Romain worked for 4 years as a corporate analyst for the CEO of the Global Markets division at a leading French bank. Romain holds a Master degree in Financial Economics from the University Of Paris and a Master of Science in Management delivered by EM Lyon.

Arthur Mobillion

Raphaël Mobillion, PhD

Raphael developed his corporate skills as a communication advisor and copywriter for one of the most notorious independent Private Bankers in Switzerland. Raphael holds a PhD in Aesthetics Philosophy from the Sorbonne University.
Raphael studied successively the themes of “Reality & Fiction”, of “The Image of Humans in the Tales and Short stories of the Twentieth Century in the Western World”, and of “Publishing, Editing and Compiling, based on the Works of Jorge Luis Borges”.

Jonathan Mobillion

Jonathan Mobillion

Jonathan worked for 3 years as a freelance graphic designer after having graduated from the Superior School of Graphic Arts of Paris (ESAG Penninghen) with his works on the professional and social responsibility of graphic designers.


 292 is looking for several varied talents in copywriting, illustrations, music composing, translating, sound designing, web developing... to work on its creations, you can contact us at contact@292contents.com and you can follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/292Contents .

See you around !



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